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CNSystems Literature Service


Welcome to our first release of our literature service in this year!

Find a selection of recent peer-reviewed publications on latest studies with our CNSystems CNAP® technology (CNAP® Monitor, Task Force® Touch CARDIO, OEM) in a wide range of applications providing valuable findings and reviews.

One example is a very recent publication of an expert group from the University of California Davis Medical Center, Sacramento, USA, investigating the question of whether non-invasive technologies for continuous blood pressure measurement have the potential to replace invasive measurements. The conclusions show that although we will certainly not eliminate arterial measurement for critically ill patients, we see promising fields of application for non-invasive blood pressure monitors: 

In the future, non-invasive continuous BP monitors will likely replace intermittent oscillometers in the operating room and the postoperative period.1

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The Executive Board of the German Society for Anesthesiology recently adopted a new guideline that addresses the intraoperative clinical application of hemodynamic monitoring in non-cardiac surgical patients. The experts recommend Continuous arterial blood pressure monitoring in all patients who are at risk of complications such as hypo- or hypertension as well as in patients with low and intermediate risk.

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Now discover the results of further recent studies and reviews listed according to their application field and please let us know whenever you have studies you would like to share with us or if we can be of help with further literature in your field!

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Your CNSystems Team


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>> Human Physiology

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>> Psychophysiology

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>> Exercise

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2 Saugel B, et al. S1-Leitlinie Intraoperative klinische Anwendung von hamodynamischem Monitoring bei nicht-kardiochirurgischen Patient:innen, available here

CNSystems Award 2023
CNSystems Award

We are proud to announce that CNSystems also supports young researchers and scientists!

The CNSystems Award for the best abstract at the EFAS – European Federation of Autonomic Societies Congress 2023 in Dubrovnik went to  Ana Abicic from the General Hospital Zabok in Zagreb, Croatia. Congratulations!

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